To Provide Comprehensive Family Centered Podiatric Medical, Podiatric Orthopedic & Podiatric Surgical Care Emphasizing quality without compromise,while stressing patient education.

If you already have an appointment, please use the New Patient tab above ( or icon below ) to print and complete your first visit paperwork prior to coming into the office. Doing this in advance will allow you to be more detailed reporting your concerns, and remove the stress and hurriedness if completing this in the office. Please also review the other documents under this New Patient Tab, as well as the adjacent Patient Paperwork Tab.

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Everyone, including visitors, enjoy the site. We hope you find useful information, including the direct links and references. Patient education is a large part of our mission, so please use this site as a tool.

Finally, please do not hesitate to call our office. Really. That's why we are here.

Your feet are the foundation of your body.

We often ignore them, since they are usually covered, and out of sight.When you are experiencing problems with or pain in your feet, those issues can affect your overall well being and can make it difficult to manage all aspects of your life in a healthy and productive way. Left unaddressed, a simple problem can sometimes become more complex and difficult to overcome. The chronic stress or worry about a concern can also often be counter- productive and not necessary.

Seeing a Podiatrist could be the right answer. A Podiatrist can help you build a strong and healthy foundation by addressing Podiatric issues which may be keeping you from your best self.

The focus of this office is a comprehensive approach, always providing non-surgical options first.

Please consider contacting our office today to learn how an experienced Podiatry Professional can help.

We work with patients as partners in health care

.......... taking the time to listen.

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Dr Larry Assalita's office is in Scenery Park

110 Regent Court, Suite 200
We are adjacent to the elevator, top floor ( level 2 )

Enter through the side of the building that faces Atherton Street ( right photo above ) for Elevator Access.
Park outside, not under the building ( those covered spaces are reserved and your car would be towed )

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