Topical Agents

Various Topical Antifungal products ( including those specifically designed for fungus nails )

Many necessary post-procedures products following inoffice procedures such wart excision, ingrown nail removals, infected nail procedures and other office procedures to eliminate the need to run to the drug store.

Please note, many Health Savings Plans or Flex Benefit Plans do provide reimbursement for Doctor ordered supplies and non-prescription products provided in an office setting, if related to diagnoses and procedures. Please check you plan for specific details and requirements.

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Dr Larry Assalita's office is in Scenery Park

110 Regent Court, Suite 200
We are adjacent to the elevator, top floor ( level 2 )

Enter through the side of the building that faces Atherton Street ( right photo above ) for Elevator Access.
Park outside, not under the building ( those covered spaces are reserved and your car would be towed )

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